Don't Forget to Insulate the Ground!


Less Expensive

While you may already know that insulation panels are an excellent investment in both your home’s value and your own comfort, you may be mulling over which floor insulation product offers the best value for the price. Not only do INSTA-PANELS® have the lowest price per R-value, but home owners will also appreciate that they pay for themselves over time by helping to reduce energy costs.

INSTA-PANELS® have an R-value of 11; compare that to Styrofoam (SM Board) and Double Bubble Reflective, which have R-values of 10 and 2, respectively. You’d think you’d have to pay more for this kind of performance, but INSTA-PANELS® have a cost to R-value ratio of $0.07–less than half of Styrofoam’s $0.145, and almost 4 times less expensive than the $0.275 cost/R-value ratio of Double Bubble Reflective.

The savings don’t stop there either. INSTA-PANELS® are extremely easy to install, require no special tools or equipment, and they don’t damage easily. This means you’ll enjoy massive savings on labour and repair costs. They’re also a non-messy option, so you don’t have to worry about a messy clean up process.

The fact that INSTA-PANELS® are so easy to work with also means it’s less likely that any damage will be done to your home or the insulation panels during the installation process. This saves money on repairs and prevents the building process from being slowed down.

Don’t let the affordable price fool you into thinking they’re not built to last either. INSTA-PANELS® are the most durable insulation panel solution on the market, as they’re able to survive exposure to the elements and even being run over by a concrete wagon or buggy. This means they won’t crack if stepped on after installation, and they’ll last for the long haul.

The beauty of putting in INSTA-PANELS® isn’t limited to installation costs either. These insulation panels will help your home stay more comfortable and energy efficient, leading to a reduction in your energy costs as well as in your furnace and air conditioner maintenance costs. These savings can easily pay for the cost of the insulation panels in a short time.

Contact us today to see how much you can save by using INSTA-PANELS® instead of the insulation panels of our competitors. We’ll show you why INSTA-PANELS® are one of the smartest investments you can make in your home.