Don't Forget to Insulate the Ground!


Easier to Install

While the durability and value make INSTA-PANELS® an attractive floor insulation solution, the simple fact that they are so easy to install makes them the preferred choice for Ontario heating contractors, plumbers, and home owners.

INSTA-PANELS® are insulated R-11 panels made of rigid polyurethane foam. They insulate as well as polyurethane spray foam, but they’re much easier to install. They’re also cleaner, more durable, and fully portable.

If you’ve ever installed under slab insulation before, then you’ll be in awe at how much easier the whole process is when using INSTA-PANELS®. It is especially convenient when insulating large areas, such as warehouse floors. You can lay the INSTA-PANELS® down and pour the concrete directly on top of the panels, or even fasten radiant heating tubing to them.

You don’t need any special tools to install INSTA-PANELS®, and you can screw, staple, or nail directly into them. You also don’t need to mess with wire reinforcing mesh when installing them in a floor heated basement or garage, since the radiant tube doesn’t need it to be fastened.

INSTA-PANELS® are easy to cut, making it a painless process to fit them into an irregularly shaped or tight space without sacrificing their durability. As a result, they’re able to fit any job or location with ease. Cutting them isn’t a messy endeavor either. Clean up is a breeze, and you don’t have to worry about INSTA-PANELS® releasing toxic materials into the air. All you need is a circular saw or a cut-off saw, and you’re good to go!

You can install INSTA-PANELS® in many different ways. Some of these ways include:

  • Butt joint with the seams open (leaving them unsealed helps dissipate water from the concrete when pouring);
  • Taping the joints with sheathing tape to assist in moisture control;
  • Installing a plastic vapor barrier under the panels, which also helps with moisture control.

All these insulation panel installation methods are quick and painless, which is why both home owners and contractors prefer INSTA-PANELS® over other insulation panel solutions. It also goes without saying that our INSTA-PANELS® can pay big dividends for home owners once they’re installed, as they’ll play a big role in boosting a home’s energy efficiency and reducing energy costs.

If you’re a contractor looking for a durable, cost-effective, and easy-to-install floor insulation solution for your new construction, or you’re a home owner looking to further tighten your home and improve its energy efficiency, then contact Insta-Insulation today to learn more about our INSTA-PANELS®.