Don't Forget to Insulate the Ground!


We’ve been using Insta-Panels as our under-slab insulation of choice for over 3 years. It’s easy to work with, extremely durable, flexible for line configuration and easy to walk on once installed.

The product is great and the customer service provided by Insta is unparalleled. We never stock inventory as Insta delivers on-demand whenever we need it.

Thank you Alex and the Insta team

Sam Jalees
Radiant Sole
Toronto, ON


We have enjoyed switching to insta-panels from the tradition Styrofoam panels for many reasons.

  • First Insta is speedy and fun to deal with. We dont have to store a warehouse full. They can typically have them to site with a couple days notice.
  • We are a heavy crew and the difference if strength underfoot is night and day. We feel better about the investment having solid insta-panels under slab verses any other product we have been exposed to.
  • They are cheaper so who doesnt want to save money and get a better product.
  • Not only do they take a screw but they take a ring nail, so installing heat tubing is a snap.
  • They are a very manageable size and easy to install, move, cut, transport etc.
  • When clients and city inspectors inspect before the pour, everyone is happy with the rigidity of the finished product.
  • Its recycling and keeping things out of the land fill

“If you are still pouring slabs without insulation underneath then it is time to get with the times. If you do the job, do it once and do it right.”

The folks at Insta are on the leading edge of the insulation business. Trust them, I have for over ten years now.

Fergus McLaren,
RMAC Solutions Inc.