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Fibre Glass Smooth Panels


INSTA-PANELS™ are insulated R-11 foam panels made of rigid polyurethane foam, covered in
steel or fiberglass on both sides. INSTA-PANELS™ are designed to be used as an affordable
and durable slab insulation and have all the benefits of regular sprayed-on polyurethane foam
but in a portable solution. Panels measure 1 ¾” thick and weigh 1.99 lb/ft2.

INSTA-PANELS™ are available in multiple dimensions; the most common are:

  • 20 x 64 inches – Smooth (total area 8.9 ft2 / panel) CCMC #14016-R
  • 22 x 64 inches – Smooth (total area 9.78ft2 /panel) CCMC #14016-R
  • 22 x 36 inches – Embossed (total area 5.50ft2 /panel) Not CCMC evaluated
  • 20 x 80 inches – Smooth (Total Area 11.11 ft2 / panel) CCMC #14016-R
  • 22 x 80 inches – Smooth (Total Area 12.22 ft2 / panel) CCMC #14016-R


Intended for residential, commercial, and agricultural applications where insulation is required or
desired, under concrete, in radiant or non-heated floor systems. INSTA-PANELS™ can be used
in a variety of applications including: under concrete floors of houses; garages; commercial
workshops; warehouses; office buildings; cold storage and freezers; agricultural drive sheds;
poultry barns; and other specialized applications.

Features and Benefits

  • High R-value for minimal thickness – rated at R11, INSTA-PANELS™ offer among the
    best R-value to cost ratio creating optimum energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality,
    and affordability.
  • Easy and efficient to install – INSTA-PANELS™ offer the same benefits as polyurethane
    spray foam, in a convenient, portable panel format that fits together quickly and easily.
  • Durable – rectangular panels are steel plated on both sides for ultimate strength and
    durability. Unlike traditional foam insulation, INSTA-PANELS™will not break when walked on.
  • Best value on the market – in a recent CMHC research study, INSTA-PANELS™ were
    found to have the best cost-benefit value of all comparable materials tested.
  • Eco-friendly – INSTA-PANELS™ are made from recycled and reclaimed products.

Approvals and Credentials

  • Conforms to CAN/ULC-S704-03, “Thermal Insulation, Polyurethane and Polyisocyanurate,
    Boards, Faced.”as referenced in the National Building Code of Canada and provincial
  • INSTA-PANELS™ have been evaluated by the National Research Council’s Institute for Research
    inConstruction (IRC) through the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) and have been
    issued a CCMC evaluation listing number. A third party evaluation has confirmed that INSTAPANELS
    ™ adhere to the requirements set forth in section of the Ontario Building Code as an
    under slab insulation.

Typical Physical Properties

The following test data is from an independent laboratory and is in compliance with the product

Property Value Metric (Imperial) Test Method
Density (core) 30.9 kg/m³ (1.93lb/ft³) ASTM D1622
Compressive strength kPa 152 kPa (22.1 psi) ASTM D1621
Water absorption 0.37% by volume ASTM D2842
Water vapour permeance 3 ng/Pa·s·m2 ASTM E96

*These physical property values are typical for this material as applied at our development facility under
controlled conditions.

Long-Term Thermal Resistance

Test method: ASTM C518-10

mm (inches)
ft2·hr·°F / BTU
43 (1.69) 11.4 2.0

*The Long-Term Thermal Resistance values are the design value used for INSTA-PANELS™ as per CAN/

Health, Safety and Handling Considerations

WARNING: INSTA-PANELS™ are not intended to be used as structural panels. Proper safety
equipment needs to be employed while handling polyurethane faced board insulation. Goggles,
a face mask, and protective body wear should be worn when cutting and handling INSTAPANELS
™. Product has sharp edges/corners and protective gloves should be worn when
handling. Always stack and store panels in a safe manner to prevent piled product from toppling
over. It is recommended that panels are piled neatly one on top of the other and are not stacked
higher than 5 feet.


INSTA-PANELS™ are sold to the DIY (do-it-yourself) market and licensed contractors in bulk,
on skids.

Technical Assistance

For more detailed information please contact Alex Schuts at


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