Don't Forget to Insulate the Ground!



How do you seal the seams of INSTA-PANELS® where they join?

INSTA-PANELS® seams can be sealed easily and effectively with tuck tape or any other vapour barrier membrane. Many people also use 6 mil poly under the INSTA-PANELS® to maintain vapour barrier continuity; this process can be done for all other board insulation, including Celfort and Styrofoam SM.

What is the R-value?

INSTA-PANELS® were tested by Exova, a well-renowned third-party testing organization. The results indicated INSTA-PANELS® have an R-value of R-11 for 1 3/4″ thickness for both the metal and fiberglass skinned products.

What are the primary uses of INSTA-PANELS®?

The main use of INSTA-PANELS® is for insulating under radiant and non-heated concrete floors. In addition, INSTA-PANELS® can also be used to line walls and ceilings of shops and barns.


INSTA-PANELS® are a metal or fiberglass skinned closed cell polyurethane foam insulation panel that come in a variety of sizes. The durability and high R-value of INSTA-PANELS® set them apart from competing products, like expanded polystyrene and extruded foam boards.