Don't Forget to Insulate the Ground!


Why Insulating the Ground Works

Heat moves from hot to cold. The rate at which it moves depends on the inside and outside temperature and how much resistance heat has to get out. People always ask me why radiant heated floors are more efficient than forced air systems. The answer is quite simple, and the longer you think about it the more you’ll understand heat movement.

The main reason why forced air systems are typically not as efficient is because builders usually don’t insulate the concrete slab/the ground because it is not required by code. If forced air systems had insulated slabs, they would be comparable to radiant floor heating systems. It only makes sense that you create a layer of insulation in your entire building envelope; that creates efficiency. What doesn’t make sense is putting more and more insulation in your attic and walls but neglecting the concrete slab – Do it right the first time. Yes, it pays to put higher R-values in the attic and walls, but it does not pay to not insulate one of the largest surface areas of your home or building. The more insulation you add to other areas of your home or building, the more heat you lose through the ground. Don’t neglect insulating the ground on your next building