Don't Forget to Insulate the Ground!


Why Insulating the Ground Works

Heat moves from hot to cold. The rate at which it moves depends on the inside and outside temperature and how much resistance heat has to get out. People always ask me why radiant heated floors are more efficient than forced air systems. The answer is quite simple, and the longer you think about it the more […]

Radiant Floor Heating in Your Home

Radiant floor heating is perhaps the ideal home heating system. It is efficient, comfortable, quiet, and unobtrusive and does not blow allergens and dust around as forced hot air systems do. It allows for the people in the house to stay barefoot and still feel comfortable since the floor is not ice cold. It provides […]

Insulating Exterior Concrete Slabs in Cold Climates

Exterior Concrete Slab Insulation Options It is good practice to insulate concrete slabs in cold climates to protect the slab from frost penetration.  There are a number of different factors at play but the one thing that we always need to keep in mind is heat flow. Heat flows from hot to cold, and in the […]

Insulating a Concrete Slab vs. Heating a Concrete Slab

As we continually try to expand our usable living space in our homes, the basement floor slab becomes part of the conversation. Cold, uninsulated concrete slabs do not create a comfortable living home environment, especially for bare feet. Your feet get cold because you are losing body heat. Socks and slippers help you retain heat, […]

How to Properly Install Radiant Floors

Under floor radiant heat describes the generation of heat into flooring through a series of heating cables. Often used in bathrooms, radiant heat flooring can be installed without the aid of a flooring professional. The benefits of underfloor heating, also known as low-temperature systems, are numerous. The cost of installing radiant floors will vary according […]